Timpani Rental Los Angeles

Timpani Rental Los Angeles

Timpani Rental in Los Angeles from Cal Perc- LA.

Cal Perc LA has one of the largest inventories of Timpani in the country. Featuring brands by Adams, Walter Light/American Drum, and Yamaha.  We are the only timpani rental company on the West Coast with high-end, professional timpani by Adams and Walter Light.

Our Timpani Rental inventory includes the following brands and models:

Adams Timpani Rental

Adams Philharmonic Light Timpani 32/29/26/23 Dresden-style pedal

Adams Professional Timpani GEN I 32/29/26/23 Smooth Kettles

Adams Professional Timpani GEN II 32/29/26/23 Hammered Kettles

Walter Light / American Drum Co. Timpani Rental

Walter Light Mark XIV Timpani 32/29/26/24

Yamaha Timpani Rental

Yamaha 6200 Series Timpani 32/29/26/23 Smooth Kettles (2 sets)

Yamaha 7200 Series Timpani 32/29/26/24/23/20 Hammered Kettles (2 sets)

Yamaha 7300 Series Timpani 32/29/26/23/20 Hammered Kettles

Chain Timpani Rental

Leedy Kettles 30" & 27"

Leedy Kettles 28" & 25"