Vibraphone Rental

Vibraphone Rental in Los Angeles from Cal Perc- LA.

We have an extensive inventory of vibraphones for rent, including standard and vintage vibraphones.

We have options of A=440 and A=442. Jazz musicians usually prefer a vibraphone tuning of A=440, while orchestras tend to go with A=442.

Our Vibraphone Rental inventory includes the following brands and models:

  • Adams Alpha 3.0 vibraphone
  • Leedy 3.0 soprano vibraphone
  • Musser M55G Pro-Vibe (gold bars)
  • Musser M55 Pro-Vibe (silver bars)
  • Musser M75 Century vibraphone (gold bars)
  • Musser M75 Century vibraphone (vintage 1960s)
  • Van der Plas 4.0 vibraphone C-C
  • Yamaha 4.0 vibraphone C-C

Vibraphone Rental

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