Glockenspiel Rental

Orchestra Bells and Glockenspiel Rental in Los Angeles from Cal Perc- LA.

Our Orchestra Bell / Glockenspiel Rental inventory includes the following brands and models:

  • Adams Concert Bells, 2.6 oct F-D
  • Adams Parsifal Bells, 3.3 oct C-E
  • Adams Parsifal Bells, Vintage Tube Frame, 3.3 oct C-E
  • Deagan No. 1558 2.5 oct G-C
  • Deagan Parsifal Bells, 3.3 oct C-E
  • Fall Creek Roundtops RT1000, 3 oct F-F
  • Fall Creek K100, 2.6 oct F-D
  • Fall Creek K100W, 2.6 oct F-D Wide Bar
  • Leedy Solo-tone, 2.6 oct F-D vintage

Glockenspiel Rental

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