Orchestra Equipment Rental & Staging Rental

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Orchestra Equipment Rental & Staging Los Angeles from Cal Perc LA

Cal Perc LA can support your complete orchestra equipment rental needs from a 100+ piece orchestra, down to a chamber ensemble or string quartet. Including orchestra chairs, music stands, music stand lights, conductor podium, Wenger acoustical sound shells, choral risers, and staging.

Acoustical Sound Shell Rental Los Angeles

CPLA has over 16 Acoustical Sound Shells available for rental. Performing in a hall or venue with underwhelming acoustics? Our acoustical sound shells can focus the sound on stage and project it to the audience; greatly enhancing your performance. Not to mention, allowing the musicians to hear themselves more clearly. Don't let your beautiful music get lost in the rafters of a venue with no acoustical shell.

Music Stand Rental Los Angeles

CPLA has over 200 Manhasset music stands for rent, along with music stand lights. For large orchestras or small ensembles, we can fully support your music stand rental needs.

We also have wider Manhasset Conductor music stands for rental.

Orchestra Chair Rental Los Angeles

We have over 100 Wenger Orchestra Chairs for rental to accommodate even the largest orchestra.

Choral Riser Rental Los Angeles

Nothing fills the sounds of a concert hall like adding a chorus alongside an orchestra. We have Wenger choral risers to accommodate over 50 singers.

Conductor Podium Rental Los Angeles

We offer several conductor podiums, including Wenger and a hand-made walnut podium that is very elegant for orchestral performances.