Concert Drum Rental Los Angeles

Concert Drum Rental in Los Angeles from Cal Perc- LA.

Cal Perc LA has one of the largest inventories of Concert Snare Drums, Concert Field Drums, Concert Tom Toms, and Concert Bass Drums in the country. Featuring brands by Adams, Blackswamp, Crocket Tubs, Ludwig, Pearl, Slingerland, and Yamaha.

Our Concert Drum Rental inventory includes the following brands and models:

Concert Snare Drum Rental

Pearl Philharmonic Snare Drums

Brass: 4x14, 5x14, 6.5x14, 8x14

Ply Maple: 4x13, 5x14, 6.5x14

Solid Maple: 5x14, 6.5x14

Aluminum: 4x14, 5x14

Yamaha Berlin Concert Snare Drums

Maple: 5x14, 6.5x14

Blackswamp Snare Drums

Resin Fiber: 5x14

Concert Field Drum Rental

Pearl Philharmonic Field Drums

Maple: 15x8, 14x14, 16x16

Blackswamp Field Drums

Maple: 15x12

Various Field Drums by Ludwig, WFL, Slingerland